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We offer several short and longer tours through all parts of Ghana, wereby we will arrange your complete trip (accomodation, travel, activities). A combination of different tours is also possible. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.


Day one

Drive Accra-Cape Coast, visit to slave castle

Day two

Kakum National Park and Elmina

Day three

Drive Cape Coast-Lake Bosumtwi, hiking around the lake

Day four

Visit Kumasi market and cultural centre/craft village

Day five

Drive Kumasi-Mole National Park

Day six

Mole National Park and Larabanga mosque

Day seven

Drive Mole-Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary

Day eight

Hippo Sanctuary and canoetrip

Day nine

Drive Wechiau-Kintampo, visit to Kintampo waterfalls

Day ten

Drive Kintampo-Accra


Volta Region 2 days

Day one

Tafi-Atome monkey sanctuary &

Hiking to mountain afadjato and Wli waterfalls

Day two

Kpetoe Kente weaving centre and Havi bird watching


Eastern region 2 days

Day one

Akosombo dam &

Boti Waterfalls

Day two

Aburi Botanical Garden &

Craft Market


Central Region 2 days

Day one

Cape Coast and Elmina Castles

Day two

Kakum National Parc




Program fee

We charge 10% of the total travel sum to cover for our administrative and organizational costs.

Method of payment

Ghana Nature Tours accepts cash and bank payment.


Travel and health insurance

You will be responsible for your own insurances. We strongly advise you to get an international travel and health care insurance. Besides your own health care insurance, you can get a temporary insurance with the West African Rescue Association (, which offers private medical assistance and ground ambulance emergency rescue service in Ghana. A temporay membership for tourists is 30 euros per month. We can arrange the insurance for our customers.