map of west africa

Geography and Climate

Ghana is one of the five African nations along the northern coastline of the Gulf of Guinea. It is bordered on the west by Cote d'Ivoire, on the north by Burkina Faso, and on the east by Togo. Ghana has a wide variety of ecological systems. It ranges from dense tropical rain forest in the southwest to dry savannah in the north. As a result countless plants and animals can be viewed in Ghana
The combination of low altitude and proximity to the Equator gives Ghana a typical tropical climate. Daytime temperatures are high throughout the country, approaching or topping 30°C on most days. Temperatures will drop a bit during the night, but Ghana can be considered hot during both day and night. Ghana does not have strong seasonal changes. Temperatures are reasonably consistent throughout the year. The main seasonal factor is rain, which falls almost exclusively in the period from April to September, with its peak in May and June. Another seasonal factor is the Harmattan wind during late November to February or March, which brings dust from the Sahara and can seriously limit visibility.

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