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Flexible Tours

To enable us to offer you the most suitable tour, it is helpful if you can provide us with information about the duration of your stay, the budget you want to spend, your desired level of comfort and your main interests (e.g., culture, nature, national parks, beaches). Ghana Nature Tours can also help you with organising and planning your trip. If you want to make changes during your tour, we can always adapt the original plan.

If you prefer to decide what to do and when during your stay in Ghana to be able to have some more flexibility, a lot of things can be arranged during your trip.


The costs of your trip will depend on your own choices and preferences. We will send you a program for your tour free of charge. If the booking is confirmed, we will make reservations for the accommodation you are planning to use during your tour.


  • Landrover Defender costs 70 Euros a day. No air-conditioning.

  • Landrover Discovery (A/C) costs 80-90 Euros a day.

  • Toyota Hilux 4x4 (A/C) costs 95 Euros a day.

  • Joylong Van (A/C) costs 100-110 Euros a day.

  • Toyota Mini Van (A/C) costs 100 Euros a day.

  • Chevrolet Van (A/C) costs 100-120 Euros a day.


Guide Fees
1 day (7am till 4pm) --- 1 to 4 persons --- 30 Euros
1 week (Monday till Sunday)---1 to 4 persons---180 Euros

Organised groups and families above 4 persons are negotiable. The fees however, do not cover transportation for the guide.

Accommodation and food

Ghana offers a lot of lodging possibilities ranging from home stays to luxury resorts. You can let us know in which of the following categories you want us to book your accommodation:

Budget accommodation is plenty available throughout the whole of Ghana. The prices vary between 6 euro for a non-self-contained room with fan and 15 euro a day for a self-contained room.
Moderate accommodation offers self-contained rooms with a good level of comfort. The prices vary between 15 euro and 45 euro a day for a room with fan or air-condition.
Luxury accommodation is found mainly in the major cities and in a few resorts, and feature international standards of comfort and service. The prices vary between 45 euro a day up to 150 or 200 Euro a day for the up class hotels.
Food: A meal in a budget restaurant with local food will cost around 4 euros. If you eat in a luxury restaurant, a meal will cost you around 12 euros or above.

Entrance fees

National park fees and safari costs are relatively low compared to other African countries. When you book a trip with us, we will give you an overview of the prices of the places you will visit.




Program fee

We charge 10% of the total travel sum to cover for our administrative and organizational costs.

Method of payment

Ghana Nature Tours accepts cash and bank payment.


Travel and health insurance

You will be responsible for your own insurances. We strongly advise you to get an international travel and health care insurance. Besides your own health care insurance, you can get a temporary insurance with the West African Rescue Association (www.westafrican-rescue.com), which offers private medical assistance and ground ambulance emergency rescue service in Ghana. A temporary membership for tourists is 30 euros per month. We can arrange the insurance for our customers.