land rover defender
Land Rover Defender

land rover discovery
Land Rover Discovery

toyotta hilux
Toyota Hilux


Chevrolet van

Toyota mini-van

Toyota Minivan


Joylong van

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Car Rental

Why rent a car?

Flexibility and comfort are the main advantages of travelling by private car. Public transport companies do operate in Ghana and neighbouring countries. However, they run only between the main cities and do not usually stop in the villages in between. Generally, the places of interest are located in the countryside and you will need to use local transport to reach your destination. This way of transport is far less frequent, reliable and safe. Charted transport is the most convenient and reliable when it comes to tours and adventure in Ghana. We advise you to rent a car with driver, because the roads and traffic in Ghana will be different than you are used to. Our drivers are expereinced and familiar with the roads and know how to find all the interesting places in Ghana.

What does it cost?

Ghana Nature Tours owns the following vehicles for our tours and can be rented with a driver:

  • Landrover Defender (9 Persons)

  • Landrover Discovery (7 Persons)

  • Toyota Hilux Pick-Up (5 Persons)

  • Chevrolet Van ( (11 Persons)

  • Toyota Hiace Van

  • Joylong Van (15 Persons/18 Persons)


Costs for car rental are as follows:

  • Landrover Defender costs 70 Euros a day. No air-conditioning.

  • Landrover Discovery (A/C) costs 80-90 Euros a day.

  • Toyota Hilux 4x4 (A/C) costs 95 Euros a day.

  • Joylong Van (A/C) costs 100-110 Euros a day.

  • Toyota Mini Van (A/C) costs 100 Euros a day.

  • Chevrolet Van (A/C) costs 100-120 Euros a day.

The price for car rental includes driver fees and tolls but excludes fuel. The driver will take care of his own accommodation and lodging.

What if there are mechanical problems with the car?

Ghana Nature Tours is responsible for the condition of the car. In the event of any mechanical problem during your tour, Ghana Nature Tours will be responsible for getting you to your destination. The costs of any necessary repairs during your trip shall be carried by Ghana Nature Tours. We have an insurance policy with Enterprise Insurance Company.