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5°33′N 0°15′W
average annual temperature 26°C
time zone GMT

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Welcome to Ghana Nature Tours


Ghana Nature Tours offers personal, eco-friendly and pleasure tours in harmony with nature and local communities throughout Ghana’s idyllic countryside.

Our experienced guides will show you the amazing scenery of Ghana, from the highest waterfalls of West Africa to the dense tropical forests. Cultural festivals, trekking, bird watching, canoeing, wildlife viewing and mountain biking are some of the many possibilities we offer.

Our tours are flexible and adaptable to your personal wishes and budget  from a day tour, weekly tours and vacation tours for individuals, families and organized groups. Outdoor activities and cultural experiences can be combined with a couple of days of relaxation at one of Ghana’s beaches.

Ghana is a population of over 25million and 76 spoken languages. Ghana is indeed a dream destination for cultural and pleasure expedition in the Sub-region. Most importantly, Ghanaians are very welcoming and happy people and amazing ethnic diversity. Ghana has abundance of festivals, celebrations of births, deaths, marriages and traditional naming ceremonies offer a plethora of cultural extravagance. Our tour guides will ensure you are involved in these ceremonies and feel the real Ghanaian culture and not just a witness to the events.

Do you want to discover the serenity of Ghana’s nature in a personal and sustainable way?

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